Why Samsung Galaxy S10 Is Amend Than Oneplus Vii Pro

Well, inward yesterday’s blog nosotros discussed why OnePlus seven Pro is meliorate than Samsung’s Milky Way S10

That was merely my personal means of thinking every bit to why OnePlus seven Pro is better; thinking together with preferences vary from somebody to somebody But every bit nosotros all know zilch inward this basis is perfect together with same is the example amongst OnePlus seven Pro.

Though the OnePlus seven Pro offers all the flagship characteristic that a premium device offers,

here are merely about reasons why i volition reckon Samsung Milky Way S10 over OnePlus seven Pro :

  1. Camera : though the photographic telly camera of OnePlus seven Pro is amazing but when compared to Samsung Milky Way S10, Samsung’s photographic telly camera is much meliorate than OnePlus. If pictures are master copy objective of buying novel telephone together with so become amongst Samsung Milky Way S10.
  2. Service : By service I hateful the afterwards sales service of the company. The afterwards sales service of Samsung is incredible together with much much meliorate than OnePlus.
  3. Handy : This i totally a personal choice. If you lot similar to command telephone amongst i Hand together with so S10 is perfect together with if you lot similar big screens together with so become for OnePlus seven Pro.
  4. Brand Name : Many people are build concious together with thus prefer Samsung over OnePlus.
  5. Headphones Jack : This i is a really rare affair that you lot volition encounter today inward many novel devices. But all the same Samsung gives a headphone jack amongst it premium devices also together with that’s a actually summation signal for Samsung.
  6. IP Rating : IP rating is a marker that ensures that the device is H2O together with dust resistant. For OnePlus seven Pro at that spot no i IP rating done, though it is H2O resistant, whereas for Samsung Milky Way S10 has been rated.
  7. Wireless charging : wireless charging is a characteristic that i expects when they are spending so many bucks from their pocket. It was actually shocking that OnePlus didn’t introduced it this time.

So hither are the terminal pros together with cons of both Samsung Milky Way S10 together with OnePlus seven Pro.

According to me OnePlus seven Pro is a meliorate bargain together with residue is upwards to you, every bit per your preferences.

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