Warrior Within…

If y'all intend i am a rattling joyous , cheerful, as well as an ease upwardly type person, as well as y'all experience I don’t accept whatsoever troubles at all,
Let me enjoin y'all in that place are days,
When I bargain alongside all the dumb shit alone.
When I remain broad awake the whole night.
When I experience as well as then worthless that I am skilful for nothing.
When i travail to struggle all the demons lying inside me.

When I but larn numb similar never before.
When my life comes to standstill.
When my morale gets dampen beyond a limit.
When i undergo hell lot of unexpected failures.
When I’m every bit good vulnerable that fifty-fifty a slightest of emotions bury me into the deepest of pain.

But yes, I accept that inch of inner describe e'er hold upwardly inwards me to bargain alongside every thing all lone no affair how broken i am.
You know why?
because I’m a warrior,
I tin withstand the tearing tempest alongside my unbroken spirit as well as conquer no what how tough the circumstances are.

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