Oneplus Vii Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy S10 : Which 1 To Buy?

The hottest theme inwards todays appointment is the latest Oneplus seven pro as well as Oneplus 7. One summation seven pro is the costliest device e'er launched yesteryear Oneplus which starts at the cost of ₹ 48,999 as well as the operate yesteryear model goes upwards to ₹ 57,999, which is makes it prevarication inwards the high destination category.

Oneplus 7 is launching tomorrow i.e. on quaternary June 2019. It is likewise live an amazing device amongst flagship features as well as at a really reasonable cost as well as balance of the specs yous tin read at yesteryear clicking here.

Though Oneplus claims Oneplus seven pro to live a existent flagship killer but at this cost I don’t mean value it tin whatever longer acquit the tag of flagship killer.

At this cost indicate the virtually obvious rival of Oneplus seven pro is the Samsung Milky Way S10 , which is instantly available at cost of ₹ 61,999 as well as if i is planning to purchase Oneplus seven pro, they simply increase their budget yesteryear a lilliputian total as well as perish for the Samsung Milky Way S10.

But the query is : which amidst the ii smartphones is better?

For me, the clear winner betwixt the ii flagship devices is : Oneplus seven pro

Here are the original reasons why I personally mean value why Oneplus seven pro is improve than Samsung Milky Way S10.

  1. Processor : The latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, I experience is improve than the Samsung Exynos nine Octa 9820.
  2. Display : With the ninety Hz Oneplus seven pro becomes the outset smartphone amongst display as well as it likewise makes it buttery smooth.
  3. Screen Size : Oneplus seven pro offers a 6.67 inch curved concealment whereas Samsung Milky Way S10 has 6.1 inch display. If yous are a fan of big concealment as well as thence yous volition actually the Oneplus seven pro.
  4. Gaming : Though the processors inwards both the devices is really strong, amongst UFS 3.1, Oneplus seven pro gaming as well as apps becomes extremely smoothen as well as likewise it doesnot rut much every bit compared to Samsung Milky Way S10.
  5. Battery : The battery inwards Oneplus seven pro is 4000 mAh amongst 30W fast charger as well as inwards Samsung Milky Way S10, it has 3400 mAh battery amongst fast charging support. With this huge battery backup of Oneplus seven pro lasts to a greater extent than than Samsung Milky Way S10 as well as likewise charges faster than S10.
  6. Software : Oneplus Oxygen OS is likewise a major summation indicate for the Oneplus seven pro every bit it gives regular updates fourth dimension to time, whereas Samsung stops providing updates to regular afterwards to a greater extent than or less time.

So hither are the reasons why I mean value Oneplus seven Pro is the clear winner, but amongst all practiced things at that spot are to a greater extent than or less negatives every bit well, that I volition speak over inwards the tomorrows blog.

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