Movie Review: Kabir Singh


Kabir singh is a remake of telugu film Arjun Reddy & is ane of the finest remakes of a due south Indian movie. The film casts Shahid Kapoor & Kiara Advani inwards atomic number 82 roles. Kabir is a Delhi medical college student, who is a topper inwards academics & sports, amongst lots of anger administration issues along amongst excessive consumption of alcohol & drug abuse.


Kabir Singh(Shahid Kapoor) met Preeti(Kiara Advani) for the rootage fourth dimension inwards college & falls inwards honey amongst her at rootage sight & starts giving someone lectures inwards Anatomy. Kabir’s nurture saves her from ragging inwards college campus, Preeti equally good falls inwards honey amongst Kabir subsequently kabir’s grapple amongst his rivals because they applied colouring on Preeti during Holi. They both started living together inwards boys hostel. With such a crazzy & beautiful story, yet they broke upward & kabir became alcoholic & angry surgeon.

Kabir singh equally a grapheme is to a greater extent than than merely a lover & the novel historic catamenia devdas who finds a victory inwards his honey even subsequently a massive failure.

     Kabir singh is a remake of telugu film Arjun Reddy  MOVIE REVIEW: KABIR SINGH

Why should you lot lookout adult man this movie:-

  • Intense & powerful functioning yesteryear Shahid Kapoor equally Kabir Singh.

  • Kiara Advani has done best constituent inwards her career.

  • The chemical scientific discipline shown betwixt the atomic number 82 pairs is wonderful.

  • And the of import thing, the climax is ticker touching & as well as hence existent that would touching on your ticker as well as hence deep.

Why should you lot don’t lookout adult man this movie:-

Only argue to operate out such film would last that, you lot don’t similar Shahid Kapoor or you lot are yet an onetime generation guy.

But ane affair I would similar to nation you lot is that subsequently watching this movie, the icon as well as honour for Shahid Kapoor volition definitely increase.


It is worth watching film inwards cinemas. I would charge per unit of measurement 5/5 for this movie.


     Kabir singh is a remake of telugu film Arjun Reddy  MOVIE REVIEW: KABIR SINGH

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