What Led To The Croak Of Vg Siddhartha?

A lot happened over ‘COFFEE’…

Yet, unopen to other failure destroys the self-esteem..😟

Disappearance of VG Siddhartha, the founder of India’s largest java chain “Cafe Coffee Day“, led to chaos inward the province later he went missing on Monday(29/07/2019).

On Wed morn (31/07/2019) the employment concern men’s torso was flora ashore inward Karnataka’s Netravati river, i.e. 36 hrs later he went missing which created a turmoil everywhere.
Before his disappearance, the entrepreneur left behind a note to his employees revealing he was inward deep debt.

And this incident left us amongst an opened upwardly ended interrogation on “Mental Health”

Siddharth left a Sucide Note or nosotros tin enjoin a Appology missive of the alphabet for his Board of Directors stating :

“I failed to practice the correct profitable employment concern model despite my best efforts. I would similar to enjoin I gave it my all. I am really sad to allow downward all the people that lay their trust inward me. I fought for a long fourth dimension only today I gave upwardly equally I could non accept whatsoever to a greater extent than pressure”.

VG Siddhartha has dice i amid the many entrepreneur inward the province who took their lives.

A study past times National Crime Records Bureau gave us a figure of 1.3 lakh inward twelvemonth 2016. The study fifty-fifty said many cases of suicide fifty-fifty dice unreported inward the country.

The Lancet, a British Journal published a newspaper on suicides, maxim that “Suicides inward Republic of Republic of India are a populace wellness tragedy”.

Factors that atomic number 82 to VG Siddhartha Sucide :

  • Finance damage inward March 2019 was Rs 456.32 which increased sharply past times 31%.
  • In March quarter, the damage jumped past times 59% to Rs 145 crore.
  • Borrowings increased to Rs 3,889.63cr at the cease of FY19, against Rs 810.91cr inward FY18.
  • Harassment past times Income revenue enhancement officials to block the Mindtree deal.
  • Pressure from a person equity partner forcing to purchase dorsum shares.

I limited my deepest condolence to Mr. VG Siddhartha to the i who made Indian’s autumn inward honey amongst “COFFEE”.

And also a slice of advice to all who are trapped inward whatsoever employment inward whatsoever signal of life..

‘Don’t brand yourself likewise weak to cease your ain life’..

SUCIDE DOESN’T TAKE AWAY THE PAIN, information technology GIVES information technology TO SOMEONE ELSE..

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