Hima Das : The Golden Girl

Hima Das is a slap inwards the confront of all the people who back upward guys over girls…

From PT Usha, Mary Kom, Sania Mirza, Sania nehwal to Dangal Girls women are proving themselves inwards sports together with convey develop a high benchmark.

 But there’s this i inquiry which keeps on popping inwards my heed 🤔

Why are the women targeted for sex bias inquiry inwards interviews or whatever speak shows all the time?

Why create nosotros non inquire the men, most settling downward or starting a family?

I intend it’s high fourth dimension now..

We should start supporting both men together with women inwards sports equally.

Now getting dorsum to Hima Das together with her victories🙈

Hima Das referred to as ‘Golden Girl’ together with ‘Dhing Express’, has made history past times becoming the get-go Indian athlete to win gilded medal at the basis level.

Just a fact: Hima started off amongst football game together with residue is history😂😂

This golden daughter has nailed this calendar month together with made it “Golden Month of July” for us Indians

Let’s convey a expect at her victories of the month:

  1. July 2, 2019: She bagged 200m Gold inwards Poznan Athletics Grand Prix in Poland, amongst a fourth dimension of 23.65s.
  2. July 7, 2019: She bagged 200m gilded at the Kutno Athletics Meet, al in Poland only, amongst a fourth dimension of 23.97s.
  3. July 13, 2019: She bagged 200m gilded at the Kladno Athletics Meet inwards the Czech Republic, amongst a fourth dimension of 23.43s.
  4. July 17, 2019: She likewise bagged the gilded medal inwards the 200m race inwards Tabor Athletics Meet, inwards the Czech Republic with a fourth dimension of 23.25s.
  5. 20 July, 2019: She bagged to her fifth gilded inwards her 400-meter race in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic with 52.09s.

Even India’s Golden Girl, Sprinter Hima Das Joined hands amongst Adidas now.

To Das nosotros tin strength out but say “You Go Girl”

We are proud to convey yous

– From your give-up the ghost catch fan😉


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