Congress Loses Inwards Karnataka Due To Trust Votes

HD Kumaraswamy, the leader of the acquaint Congress-JD(S) coalition government lost inwards Karnataka to BJP. The defeat was on the solid lay down of trust votes. The Congress coalition won 99 votes exactly unfortunately lost 105 votes to the BJP. The BS Yeddyurappa led BJP authorities expressed its joy on its victory. On Twitter, the winning authorities wrote the next words: “It’s the victory of people of Karnataka. It’s the halt of an era of corrupt & unholy alliance. We hope a stable & able governance to the people of Karnataka. Together nosotros volition brand Karnataka prosperous again.”

HD Kumaraswamy, on the other hand, described its party’s defeat equally unfortunate together with inwards the assembly he said that he accepts this reality without fettering. The assembly debated the confidence displace for iv days. He also apologized for the fact that his entry inwards the elections was uncalled for equally he had publically declared to resign. Kumaraswamy had before planned to quit the political party dorsum when the 2018 assembly polls took place.

The politico said that he had no intention to drag the trust vote whatsoever farther together with apologized to the Speaker together with the people of Karnataka. On July 23, 2019 the province of affairs came to a residual later hard disk Kumaraswamy together with congress leader Siddaramaiah gave their speech.

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