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  • For 10 months instantly automobile sales is witnessing reject .
  • Truck as well as double-decker sales dropped 39%
  • Two-wheeler sales roughshod 22% to 1.5 1 G k units.

With a population of 1.3 billion, Republic of Republic of India is 1 with the largest automobile markets inwards the world, 4th largest to locomote precise. Owning a automobile hither is to a greater extent than of a condition symbol than a mere agency of transport. But despite all this Republic of Republic of India is experiencing the worst kinda slowdown inwards the economic scheme since 1997-98.

Finance Minister plays the blame game on the millennial mindset as well as their lifestyle to locomote contributing equally a deep threat to the auto sector. According to her, the preference of millenials to ride-hailing apps such equally Ola as well as Uber are the rootage cause. These comments past times FM invited a sarcastic answer from the netizens equally they started sharing epic comments using ironical hashtags similar #SayItLikeNirmalaTai as well as #BoycottMillennials. Let’s accept a glance at approximately of the hilarious comments,

  • “Indian celluloid manufacture is struggling because millennials are wasting their fourth dimension as well as acting skills on TikTok.”
  • “Airline sector is facing slowdown because millennials are simply interested inwards route trips”
  • “The cosmetic manufacture is downward because millennials are using editing apps on phones”
  • “BHEL is lowest inwards xv years because millennials prefer ‘paan puri’.”
  • “LIQUOR sales is besides downward because Millenials are drinkable ethanol inwards chemical scientific discipline labs.”

Shashank Srivastava,the executive manager at Maruti portrays his thoughts on this saying, “Ola as well as Uber came into beingness 6-7 years ago. During this period, the auto manufacture besides saw its best times. So, what happened inwards the concluding few months that the downturn became as well as thus severe?

On the other end, analysts blame the extravagant GST of 28 per centum that was implemented inwards 2017 on automobile sector for the falling demand. The production costs besides accept gone upwards due to the novel rules demanding cars to locomote compliant with emissions as well as security standards. The consumers accept been experiencing depression confidence equally the income increment has been impacted as well as besides the banks are reluctant to render loans owing to a liquidity crunch.

Sitharaman has assured that the authorities volition deed accordingly to tedious the slump inwards auto sector. She has lifted a ban on authorities departments for purchasing novel vehicles to boost the sales. The sector notwithstanding wants the GST to locomote reduced to eighteen per centum keeping inwards persuasion the arrival of the festive flavour ahead equally it is the bumper sale menses for the industry.

Show your inventiveness inwards the comments below to practise your ain epic statements using #SayItLikeNirmalaTai as well as #BoycottMillennials. Read, share, comment 🙂

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