Save Aarey

Aarey wood conduct keep really high ecological importance inwards Mumbai.
The Mumbaikars – including Shradha Kapoor formed a human chain on 1st September to salve Aarey.

Issue Explained

Aarey wood conduct keep really high ecological importance inwards Bombay SAVE AAREY

The tree authorisation nether BMC of Republic of Republic of India has accepted the proposal of cutting downward 2,702 trees for edifice a subway car shed.

The Save Aarey crusade is opposing the car shed construction, the upshot of which is felling of over 2,000 trees, as well as every bit good the number of tribals rehabilitation who rest inwards Aarey.

As reported BMC received 82,0900 complaints roughly against the decision, which was non plenty to alter the officials minds.🤷

The footing currently is at a phase where every tree counts. We are distroying our ecosystem similar never earlier which volition Pb to our ain extinction.

It is high fourth dimension that nosotros conduct a sustainable option. The country, the footing needs to endure to a greater extent than aware as well as follow the methods of sustainable development.

We should bring together our hands to halt the environmental harrassment.

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