Sanfe -” Eco Friendly Path To Femine Hygiene”

Introduction :

Sanfe is a start-up which industrial plant amongst the motive-Sanitation For Women. IIT Delhi students Archit Aggarwal and Harry Sehrawat plunged into entrepreneurship of this projection afterwards working on compilation study of world toilets inward delhi which stated how unhygienic weather Pb to urinary tract infections inward women.

Objective :

This start-up non exclusively focuses on hygienic weather only likewise helps protect the environs every bit everything hither is eco friendly. Till appointment they own got launched iii products which are –

  1. Pain relief curl on
  2. Stand as well as pee device for women which is rattling beneficial inward avoiding UTI.
  3. Reusable sanitary pads. Menstrual hygiene is must which if non taken attention tin flame Pb to severe discomforts along amongst diseases.

Overall scenario :

Mostly what women uses is sanitary pads,tampons, menstrual cups as well as many nonetheless role clothes..🤷

So the interrogation is – is everything going good? Clothes are non rubber at all as well as then people switch to pads only are they proficient enough?
No they’re not
Pads own got plastic canvass which larn far hard to degrade leading to pollution which is lot to a greater extent than than nosotros tin flame imagine as well as if burnt tin flame live carcinogenic ( cancer causing) every bit it releases toxic content inward air.

plunged into entrepreneurship of this projection afterwards working on compilation study of publi Sanfe -” Eco friendly path to femine hygiene”

What’s next? a tampon – they tin flame elbow grease vaginal infections every bit good because of chemic content as well as menstrual cups causes discomfort to the beginners as well as creates mess piece treatment as well as then coming to a determination what nosotros need is a pad which does non impairment our environs as well as is affordable every bit well.

Science has finally made a agency for this every bit IIT students own got scientifically made a pack of pads which are made through banana fibers which is completely eco friendly as well as tin flame live reused afterwards washing amongst detergents as well as this need to live done afterwards every use. Its affordable every bit good every bit its for 199rs (2 pads) as well as tin flame live used for well-nigh two years.

Speciality :

These pads are ultra sparse amongst quadrant truthful lock applied scientific discipline as well as is highly absorbent. Sanfe has used unlike layers of fabrics which are- cotton wool polyurethane laminate, terry as well as banana fibers, polyester pilling which makes it leak proof. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 neat initiatory has been pose forrad yesteryear IIT Delhi through which hygiene as well as environs tin flame larn manus inward hand.

Its products are available through e-commerce on amazon.
Science has made its agency similar a shot its your fourth dimension ladies to move for your hygiene as well as health without disrupting the nature.

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