Never Ending…

I raised y'all past times my side
When I saw y'all kickoff fourth dimension inward my life,
Your eyes were shining similar a melting H2O ice covered amongst a prism that’s fine,
Now y'all are staying forever inward my life…

Sorry to say merely I stalked y'all for a while,
Until I got your position out inward my dialling mass to remain upwards all night,
Since as well as thus people start teasing,
When y'all cross my side either from left or right..
And the best highlight
Someone volition e'er telephone vociferation upwards your refer from behind..

Your foreign await as well as mesmerizing fragrance has stolen my pump vanquish since,
The kickoff 24-hour interval when y'all waved your mitt to say me hi “Is everything alright?”,
How to say merely y'all know
Butterflies were dancing all over my mind..

Now, nosotros part our tube as well as unopen the chapter of our naughtiest fights,
Clicking the pictures at boat side as well as larn drunkard all over night,
Respect as well as infinite which nosotros rank to each other makes our human relationship stronger than white blood cells fighting inside,
Here goes i to a greater extent than rhyme
“I volition check on the days inward which nosotros check each other’s side, closing my eyes”…

It’s a beautiful journeying amongst endless memories.

And I wish,

I tin spent close of my fourth dimension leaning on your shoulder as well as nosotros sing the same rhyme.

Dear my love,

I would recall y'all inward my difficult times,

Because y'all are the argue who brand me smile…

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