Movie Review : Dream Girl

About the moving-picture present :

Dream daughter is comedy moving-picture present that you lot tin bask alongside your family together with volition entertain you lot till the last minute. In the moving-picture present Ayushman Khurana plays role of a middle course of didactics lad who does modest odd jobs to back upwards his family. His Dad (Anu Kapoor) is nether debt together with is unable to repay his loans. Understanding the status of his family, Ayushman starts looking for a novel project together with is eventually hired past times a telephone telephone see possessor which brings massive chaos inward Ayushman’s life.

Review :

The acting of the stars volition conk along you lot glued to the seats throughout the movie. The script was on indicate together with did non larn likewise draggy. Entertainment was every bit divided into both the halves of the movie. Casting was cleverly done. Senior actors similar Anu Kapoor together with Vijay Raaz volition tickle your funny os together with other supporting sort did a dandy project inward bringing out the best from the movie.

The moving-picture present is overall a proficient comic cinema alongside an odd concept seen inward bollywood. It is worth your coin together with time, at to the lowest degree once. The direction was proficient considering previous products of the same manager simply could accept been better. The cinema is a proficient bundle of content, dialogues, acting together with direction delivered inward right manner.

Rating : 3.5/5

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