Green Motherland…

The unconditional woman raise dear has driven us far away from the impairment in addition to gave us charm,
She showers us amongst her approbation in addition to live the shield inwards the tragic,
She has filled all our needs keeping herself starving,
The dear of “Green Motherland” is long-lasting…

Yes, We were born past times 1 feminine but you lot were kept live inwards the arms of light-green woman raise Maryland mine,

You were breathing inwards mother’s belly,

Which was

Taken attention past times light-green woman raise mary,

Inhaling in addition to exhaling the fragrance of light-green motherland mary…

The awfulness all the same lives When nosotros serve the belly from where nosotros initiated


Harm the womb of our light-green mary,

Where her patience has the banking firm tally meter overrated amongst hurting in addition to fear,

Her arms hug us tight in addition to she screamed at night’s when nosotros cutting them asset a knife,

The unconditional dear of “Green Motherland mary mine” all the same kept us alive…

In her honour, earlier she dies,
Plant simply about tree to residuum her life,
And command the CO2 earlier you lot are high,
Define your presence brand her bright,
Let her shower her dear until you lot convey your final bite,
The unconditional dear of “Green Motherland” alive…

Cherish her life in addition to honor her pride,
she was earlier in addition to later you lot who kept this planet alive,
The unconditional dear of light-green motherland is endless which opened upward this globe eyes,
“The Green Motherland mary mine” volition stay outset “feminine”…

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