Double Face

We telephone phone her double aspect upward simply nosotros convey the same,
We telephone phone her impure simply forget bacterias running within us,
She chooses her comfort inwards heels simply nosotros throw her into the streams..
Who are “WE” to order her aura,
Ever wondered?
How volition you,
encounter the darkness yous own, yous limit boundary of your mind.
You play dart alongside her character..
Plan to flourish your branches yesteryear restricting hers,
You convey seen i side of beauty, without turning it around,
But yous would honey to encounter all of her without roofing her from behind..
If Mirror is plenty to cutting night side of your mind,
“I wonder who’ll locomote the start i to produce it? “
Remember my friend,

We telephone phone her double aspect upward simply aren’t nosotros who position her into this cage?

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