A cushion from hone reminds me of mom

All the secrets are tucked within its foam

And I sing a song,

“Home I girlfriend mom

Her wavy pilus in addition to crispy smile

The fragrance of her torso when I was crying

But when I hug yous belatedly at night

I discovery her sleeping on my side

Blessing me hateful solar daytime in addition to night”

Home I girlfriend mom,

A cushion from domicile reminds me of mom

All her secrets were tucked within amongst foam

To know them I sing a song

Home I girlfriend mom,

“She spent her doleful nights hugging yous tight

She kept quest how are you? With her black sights

She kept making delicious nutrient

Remembering me in addition to yous waiting for us those long night”

Home I girlfriend Mom,

A cushion from domicile reminds me of mom

All my secrets are at in ane trial buried within the foam

And I sing a song,

“I welcome my hateful solar daytime eating a blizzard food

I spent my nighttime rolling on you

All I crave for a tight hug in addition to a long smiling of my mom”

Home I girlfriend mom,

A cushion from domicile ever reminds me virtually home

Four wall secrets are nonetheless tucked within that onetime golden foam

Still, I sing a song,

“Thank you, my companion, for making a home

For sharing my secrete fifty-fifty when yous were trolled

But still, I accept a enquiry how tin yous live on in addition to hence soft?

And grateful to await later on my mom, when I was gone”

Home I girlfriend mom,

Home I girlfriend Home…

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