Is India Becoming Authoritarian?

Rahul Gandhi today inwards an effect said that the Earth was moving towards an authoritarian state. While I was reading this inwards the word headlines today i devoured on the recent events happening inwards the country.

In july this twelvemonth an opened upwardly alphabetic quality was written too signed past times 49 eminent personalities including Anurag Kashyap too Shyam Benegal. It stressed upon mob lynching of muslim too dalit happening inwards the fast few years too how it must halt immediately. On thursday an FIR was lodged against these celebrities inwards Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

The petition had claimed that celebrities allegedly tried to tarnish the ikon of the Earth too undermine the perfomance of our “beloved prime number minister”.

On this Rahul Gandhi said today if anybody tries to enhance their phonation against the govt. is position inwards jail or is immensely attacked. He farther said that whole Earth knows what’s going on too it’s non a cloak-and-dagger anymore.

This is simply ane effect but inwards these past times 4-5 years too thus many laws , rules too regulations were changed inwards simply ane night. India’s gross domestic product is falling too economical ikon of our nation is marred. We all know how people inwards Kashmir are withal devoid of their basic commutation rights from the past times ii months at nowadays . In Bharat people are to a greater extent than concerned well-nigh cows than the lives of innocent humans.

Its scary how ane somebody or few people tin flaming command too get got decisions on behalf of billions of people living inwards a democratic Earth .
Does it non brand you lot cringe on the fact that people are non fifty-fifty scared of the constabulary too taking it inwards their ain hands to kill people based on their ain foolish judgements?

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