Aarey Is Non A Forest??πŸ€”

MMRCL is tilt that aarey woods is non a woods in addition to then at that topographic point is no terms inwards cutting downwardly the lungs of mumbai for sake of evolution but is it a existent development? If at that topographic point is no oxygen left for survival what’s the role of development? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lot of petitions were signed, many NGO’s collaborated, educatee unions gathered but everything went inwards vain every bit at midnight MMRCL authorisation cutting around 2141 trees🀷. Mumbaikars tried their score best to relieve but couldn’t create much every bit thousands of trees were seat downwardly inwards the presence of police trace protection. Around 29 protestors got arrested out of 84 because of unlawful activity of saving trees.
Earlier we’ve written a spider web log mentioning relieve aarey thinking that possibly words are mightier in addition to possibly people volition somehow contend to relieve it but this democratic authorities has made all our efforts to fail.

No nosotros didn’t lack inwards efforts this time,our authorities did. Fake promises of how concerned it is for our woman raise the world has instantly finally revealed past times their actions.

Now supreme courtroom has restrained authorities from cutting downwardly trees till adjacent hearing that is on 21 October.

Is this the development?

If yes, nosotros truly don’t take away it..
If this is prosperity nosotros don’t desire it, if this is legal nosotros don’t fifty-fifty take away the law.

What nosotros all take away is our nature correct now. And if this is what our authorities is doing improve nosotros declare our terra firma to survive a non democratic because nobody hither is listening to public.
We don’t desire anymore trees to survive axed. We simply take away initiation, a pace forwards to relieve our environment. Hopefully this in conclusion endeavor of ours won’t neglect in addition to at to the lowest degree at some shout out for contribute inwards saving environment.

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