We're Speechless: Xx Untranslatable Words!

  twenty Words That Cannot Be Translated Into English

With millions of words inwards the English linguistic communication language, it's hard to believe that in that place isn't a give-and-take to clitoris everything. Well, where English linguistic communication leaves off, the balance of the 6,499 languages of the basis picks up!  

Here are twenty words from a diversity of languages that are ingeniously untranslatable into a unmarried give-and-take inwards English!
1. Jayus
In Indonesian - "A joke as well as then poorly told as well as and then unfunny that 1 cannot aid but laugh."

2. Seigneur-terraces                                                            We're Speechless: twenty Untranslatable Words!
In French - "Coffee store tabular array hoggers who swallow really piffling nutrient as well as drink." Aren't they the worst!

3. Gigil 
In Taglog (one of the languages of the Philippines)- "The wishing to squelch something unbelievably cute, such every bit a baby."

4. Tit-hadesh
In Hebrew - Blessings given to someone for something novel inwards their lives. 

5. Ya'aburnee
In Standard Arabic - "You bury me," this is a announcement of one's hopes to croak earlier around other someone as well as then love to them that it would endure hard to alive without them. 

                                                           We're Speechless: twenty Untranslatable Words!6. Schadenfreude
In High German - The feeling of pleasance upon seeing another's misfortune. 

7. Cafuné
In Brazilian Portuguese - "The human action of tenderly running one's fingers through someone's hair."

8. Tartle
In Scottish - "The human action of hesitating piece introducing someone because you've forgotten their name." 

9. Prozvonit
In Czech as well as Slovak - "The human action of calling a mobile telephone exclusively to possess got it band in 1 lawsuit as well as then that the other someone volition telephone yell upward back, allowing the caller to relieve coin on minutes." 

10. Duende
In Castilian - "A climactic demonstrate of spirit such every bit inwards flamenco dancing or bull-fighting."

11. Forelsket
In Norwegian - "The euphoria of a offset love." 

12. L'esprit de l'escalier
In French - "Staircase wit," the human action of thinking of a clever comeback when it is already likewise belatedly to deliver it. 

13. Nunchi
In Korean - "The fine art of listening as well as gauging another's mood. Knowing what to nation or create or non what to nation or create inwards a given situation." 

14. Pochemuchka
In Russian - "A someone who asks a lot of questions."

15. Sgriob                                                           We're Speechless: twenty Untranslatable Words!
In Gaelic - "The itchiness that overcomes the upper lip earlier taking a sip of whiskey."

16. Tingo
In Pascuense (the linguistic communication of the people of Easter Island) - "The human action of taking all the objects 1 desires from a friend's solid past times gradually borrowing all of them."

17. Ilunga
In Tshiluba (one of the languages of the Democratic Republic of the Congo) - "A someone who is create to forgive whatever abuse the offset fourth dimension it occurs, tolerate the 2nd time, but neither forgive nor tolerate the 3rd time." In other words, 'third time's a charm'.

18. Wabi-Sabi
In Japanese - "A means of living that focuses on finding beauty inside the imperfections of life as well as accepting peacefully the natural cycle of increase as well as decay."

19. Pana Po'o 
In Hawaiian - "The human action of scratching your caput to hollo back something you've forgotten."

20. Saudade
In Portuguese - "The feeling of longing for something or someone that yous love as well as which is lost." How beautiful!

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